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VirualRadio for Android is now opensource

The VirtualRadio WebService is no longer supported. We do not add new radiostation or update existing ones and also do not support the most liked database anymore. But you can continue to use VirtualRadio as your favorite icecast player and recorder. In VirtualRadio for Android you can add your own streams either directly in the app or via editing of the vr.xml file in the vradio folder on your android's sd card. VirualRadio android is opensource now (GNU GPL 3), you can download the code here: https://github.com/Oliwww1/VirtualRadio-Android

Download the Radio App here.

Click and Play!
Virtual Radio does one thing, but does it well: play online radio. Just start up the App and it immediately starts playing audio. All you have to do is select from our categories of radio stations: Click and play! It’s easy!

Radio Stations
New radios stations are added to Virtual Radio daily. If you can not find your preferred radio station among the selected stations, tell them! We are more than happy to include your preferred radio station into Virtual Radio!

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